"Weird Al" Yankovic Lyrics Songs

Song Title
(This Song's Just Six Words Long
1985 Food Medley - 01 - It's Moldy Now
1985 Food Medley - 02 - Doctor
1985 Food Medley - 03 - Steak Number 3
1985 Food Medley - 04 - Burger King
1985 Food Medley - 05 - Don't You Forget About Meat
1985 Food Medley - 06 - Girls Just Want To Have Lunch
1985 Food Medley - 07 - The Rye And The Kaiser
1985 Food Medley - 08 - I Love Rocky Road
1985 Food Medley - 09 - Spameater
1985 Food Medley - 10 - I Feel Like Throwin' Up
1985 Food Medley - 11 - Avocado
1985 Food Medley - 12 - Whole Lotta Lunch
1985 Food Medley - 13 - Bologna
A Complicated Song
Achy Breaky Song
Addicted To Spuds
Airline Amy
Alternative Polka
Amish Paradise
Angry White Boy Polka
Another One Rides The Bus
Another Tattoo
Attack Of The Radioactive Hamsters From A Planet Near Mars
Baby Likes Burping
Barney's On Fire
Bedrock Anthem
Belvedere Cruising
Bohemian Polka
Born to Be Mild
Buckingham Blues
Burger King
Buy Me A Condo
Cable Tv
Callin' In Sick
Canadian Idiot
Canadian Idiot (traduzione Italiana)
Captain Underpants Theme Song
Carnival Of The Animals Part Two, Introduction
Cat's In The Kettle
Cavity Search
Cheerios, Apple Jacks, Cheerios
Chicken Pot Pie
Christmas At Ground Zero
Christmas Memories of & Quot;Weird Al & Quot;Yankovic
Christmas Memories Of 'Weird Al' Yankovic
Close But No Cigar
Confessions Part III
Couch Potato
Crampton Comes Alive
Dare To Be Stupid
Dead Car Battery Blues
Do I Creep You Out
Dog Eat Dog
Don't Download This Song
Don't Wear Those Shoes
Don't You Forget About Meat
Dr. Demento Radio Promo
Dr. Demento's 15th Anniversary Special
Eat It
Elmo's Got A Gun